Get Even More Great Deals And Even Win Stuff at!

Congratulations to Michelle B. for being the highest quality poster this week! She will get a free amazon gift card for all her hard work! And of course there are more prizes to be had! Just keep posting on the and maybe you too will get a little gift.

If your new to the, the website will allow you, the readers, to post your own free sample deals that we might not catch in our main sites. You can also interact with fellow readers to keep up on when deals expire, share photos of free samples you’ve received, or even other great tips for those who love to get free samples!

If that wasn’t incentive enough to get the site off the ground, we’ll be offering prizes for those who make the first posts over the next week or so.  Prizes will include Amazon gift cards and other surprises. Simply find a great freebie and make a post, and for every post you make (that isn’t a duplicate of a previous post) you’ll be entered to win!

We hope TheSavingsForum will be a great place for freebies but need you make it happen. Register at today!

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